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Back in Blog

Hey all!
I’ve finally got around to upgrading my blog and re-doojitafying all the stuff on it so I’ll be starting up posts on this again soon

Brief Update

Hey guys and gals or whoever actually reads this pish,
Good news is I’ve got myself a job again I’m currently working for David and Joe Ltd. mainly working on the Fitlads website (Uk’s second largest gay dating network) and that’s all going good I’m currently developing my own social network (unrelated to Fitlads) [...]

Out of the job

From Tuesday I’m being made redundant from my job. It sucks much.

Site Update

An update on the current progress of and a bit about the blog’s Wordpress theme.

The Almighty First Post

Woot, right well this is as the title says is my first post in this. I did originally have a blog as the main part of my site but didn’t post to it and had other plans for the site. But Anywhose, I’m Rupert! I’m awesome and I’ll write something here later!
Tatty byes