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My names Rupert, I’m a web designer and SEO analyst from Edinburgh Scotland. I’ve been interested in computers and the web ever since I was exposed to it when I was about eleven and as such thought I’d make a blog to spread my own views and expertise (HA) on the subject.

I’m a pretty easy going guy and try to fight off the ebb and tide of the great shit tsunami that is my life, aack only kidding I’ve got it alright just taking every day as it comes and every come that it days.


  • Computers/IT/Internet
  • Ubuntu!
  • Chinese Food
  • BEER!!!!
  • Small Magnetic Goldfish
  • My Bed (my one true love). Oh you;  with your soft cuddly covers and fluffy pillows! Oh you; who is the core of my delight! Oh you; etc. etc.
  • Dark Humour
  • My Cat


  • Non-Curry like things
  • Things that make you believe they are curry then run away with your sister
  • Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista/any version that has or will hit the shelves
  • Being Ill