Brief Update

Hey guys and gals or whoever actually reads this pish,

Good news is I’ve got myself a job again I’m currently working for David and Joe Ltd. mainly working on the Fitlads website (Uk’s second largest gay dating network) and that’s all going good :) I’m currently developing my own social network (unrelated to Fitlads) which will be an alt social network; a bit like vampirefreaks but hopefully less pish *hopes his account doesn’t get deleted* :P

That’s going to be a long time in the making but I think it’ll be awesomes once it’s up, I’ll most likely upload it when it’s workable as a Beta version and select a few people who can use, test and suggest new features that would make it teh awesums. It’s been awhile since I started a decent project that I was interested in and I think that this will be a good ‘un, even if I only get a few hundred peeps on it to begin with it’ll still be an achievement :)

Anywhose that’s essentially it, shall keep ya’ll posted on developments!

p.s. if you’ve got anything that you’d like to see on a social network and think would be a good idea feel free to voice your ideas on this thread!