Out of the job

As from Tuesday of next week I’m being made redundant. Bugger.

The company is going to be liquidated so everyone’s getting the boot, was completely unexpected (for me at least) the boss just came in and told everyone they where out of the job. Not exactly the highlight of my month but hey.

Hopefully there is something else in the pipeline that a friend is suggesting, it would be doing link building for a company in Glasgow. I’ve never done link building specifically unless you count directory submissions and I’m presuming there is more to it than just sending emails to people asking for links but we shall see.

In other news for those that are interested I’ve been attempting to use twitter more (against my better judgement :P ) and it’s fairly distracting. My account is @Rupert_Sharp if you want to follow me and inflate my ego ;)

Righto i’m off to see the wizard so ciao.