YouTube Doesnt Work in the UK

…or it might as well not do. I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed this (I’d be surprised if you haven’t) but recently YouTube has become a video nazi. First off they decided to cut out the soundtrack off music videos because the bloody record companies have a stick up there rear, then they cut all the sound off of videos that have a song in the background regardless of whether there is talking over the top! Gaaaaah, some of the few video’s I have uploaded are completely pointless now.

Buuuut it doesn’t stop there, now they’ve decided to lock off the whole of the UK from about what seems 45% of their videos. I’ve given up trying to find the videos I used to watch as it comes up “This video is not available in your country.” all the time. Seriously this is insane, if this crap gets any worse YouTube is going to suffer dramatically and see people flood to sites such as Megavideo. I’m pretty much done with them for now.

By the way, if you do live in the UK and there is a video that you’ve been denied watching there is always ways of bypassing the warning ;) (just make sure and put the .com url instead of the