Site Update

As those of you who have been keeping an eye on this site regularly can tell, the main site has finally been uploaded. The site at the moment is a bit of a skeleton but I thought it made a nice change from a blank white “under construction” page. The site dev has also been the reason why I’ve neglected this blog, wanted to get the main site up and running first.

Another change of course is the look of this blog, I’ve finally found a Wordpress themes I like! *gasp* I’ve spent ages trawling through the Wordpress themes library and different websites and they’re all either ugly, badly coded or you have to pay through the nose to download them. So thankfully I’ve found a decent one. Took a bit of editing but they all do in the end. It does however come with a nice readme but it fails to tell you about certain things such as the social bookmarking links at the bottom of each post. Blegh. One of these days when I’ve got the time I’m going to sit down and make my own range of WP themes, which of course will be downloadable for your enjoyment :-)

Anyway must scoot; there’s coding to be done!!

p.s If you like this wordpress theme, all credits go to give them a glance :-)

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  1. greased-up deaf guy says:

    loving the blog, subscribed to it on my phone lols